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Education is the single greatest contributor to the elimination of generational poverty. Collegiate Crossings ensures every student has the opportunity to pursue higher education, regardless of socioeconomic status by providing college planning services. Boulder County Trends Report eloquently describes the driving force behind our efforts:

Kids here who live in poverty and kids of color are significantly less likely to go onto higher education – and significantly more likely to live in poverty down the road. We call this the achievement gap in Boulder County.

According to the Colorado Department of Higher Education only 40% of low-income students enroll in higher education courses after high school (CDE 2011). A mere one-third of high school graduates who are both Latino and low income pursue higher education.

It is evident that our community’s low income, first generation, and Latino students need assistance to bridge the gap. Our programs provide educational resources and support to those that need it most. Collegiate Crossings directly addresses the gap, ensuring personalized assistance in navigating college planning, application, and financing processes. Long-term, our services help establish economic self-sufficiency born of higher education and end the cycle of poverty within families.

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Collegiate Crossings is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to making college accessible for every student, regardless of their socioeconomic background. Cost is supported by generous gifts from individuals, corporations, foundations, grants, and sponsorships. In this way, Collegiate Crossings ensures all students have access to higher education. But we can do more, serve more, help more students pursue their dreams and break the cycle of poverty with your support.



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We gratefully accept direct donations to support college planning services for low-income students and operating expenses for the organization. Follow the PayPal link below to may your donation today!