Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.

Why do we need Collegiate Crossings services? What makes you so unique?

The postsecondary education planning process will be intense and thorough, regardless of how you choose to approach it. Questions like, “what do you want to do with your life?” and “how do you plan on paying for college/university/trade school?” and “what makes you a stand-out candidate for this program?” will come flying at you. Our job is to walk with you through each of those questions and prepare you so that you can answer them well. It’s why we begin with your unique story and interests and start to build a plan from there.

Too many students today feel like they “have to” go into some discipline or occupation, before they have really thought about why. We would hate to see a family invest in an education, only to discover it was the wrong fit all along. Our job is to help guide you in a direction that will ultimately bring you joy and allow you to contribute to the world around you.

But I went to college 25 years ago and feel quite confident in my ability to coach my student.

We hear that. We want you to be included in the conversation about your student’s postsecondary education. We are confident, however, that we have tools and tips that will ease the stress of preparation and application for your entire family. The world of admissions is rapidly changing: every year there are new standards, terms, cloud-based tools, acronyms to learn, you name it. Our job is to be in close touch with college and university recruiters so that we always know what schools are looking for in a student. Your input and encouragement of your student will be invaluable.  

What if we cannot afford a private planner?

Leave that to us. Again, our vision is to give all students access to higher education, regardless of their socioeconomic background. Refer to our pricing page and consider applying for a grant. Nothing would make us happier.

Can you get my student a full ride?

While we wish that was the case, unfortunately it is not and we will never guarantee that. We support students in packaging their admissions portfolios in a way that opens doors for them to receive maximum scholarships. However, a student’s academic performance, extracurricular involvement, and ability to articulate their own goals will be the biggest factors when applying for scholarships.

Can you write my student’s essays?

Absolutely not. Our job is to empower students and mold them into the learners and leaders of tomorrow. We are always excited to offer essay coaching and editing, but it is strictly against our policy to complete any parts of their applications for them.

We did not save early on and now we are concerned about how much higher education costs. Can you help us?

Yes! That’s what we’re here for: to help direct you to resources that will hopefully alleviate the financial stress of higher education, while also allowing students to pursue their goals and dreams. That is why we focus so much on the fit and finances aspect of education.

Unfortunately Collegiate Crossings does not offer direct scholarships or financial aid.

When should I start the postsecondary education process?

We say it’s never too early! No, your second grader does not need to be concerned about her SAT scores right now, but we encourage families to foster a culture of valuing education in their homes from a young age. Collegiate Crossings typically begins working with students during their grade 9 year, however, we are happy to meet with middle school students in special cases.

I am/ my child is a senior. Is it too late to plan?

Not necessarily. We’re still here to help. While the more time to plan will have the largest return on investment for a student, we do not want higher education to ever feel unachievable for him/her. Please reach out to us as soon as possible and we would be happy to chat.

Do you have a capacity of how many students you can coach at once?

Yes, because we naturally have limited staff and resources, but the best thing you can still do is contact us. Consider signing up for a workshop as well!

How are you different from a high school counselor?

We love high school counselors and the hard work they put into their jobs everyday. However, at most large public high schools, counselors oversee hundreds of students. We are here to support counselors. Our goal is that you receive the individualized support you need to navigate every detail of the postsecondary education planning process. We’ll walk you through the whole admissions process and see you through to the other side, all at a price that benefits your family.