Crossroads School Partnership

Crossroads School, Collegiate Crossings, and Longmont Ford Partner in New Future Planning Initiative to Create a Brighter Future for Crossroads Students

Crossroads School has partnered with Collegiate Crossings and Longmont Ford to provide a comprehensive future planning process to each Crossroads student, to help them plan well and take steps to a successful future—whether that be college, military, trade school, internship, or career.

Students working together in high school chemistry class


We are excited to announce a new partnership between Crossroads School and Collegiate Crossings, with funding support from Longmont Ford. This initiative will empower and support students to pursue their best future, regardless of socioeconomic status and resources to navigate complicated admissions processes.

The students at Crossroads School have fallen through the cracks—for a variety of reasons ranging from behavioral issues to academic difficulties to anxiety, they were unable to be successful in traditional schools. Now they are finding success and moving toward graduation. This program is the next step, to ensure that these students not only graduate but then move beyond graduation to a productive future.

Longmont Ford owner Mike Peebles is passionate about breaking down barriers keeping kids from success. The dealership has long supported Crossroads School, and now is backing this new initiative as a natural next step to help struggling students find success.

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