College Planning

Our comprehensive College Planning Program provides clients with the information, resources, and guidance to successfully enroll in higher education that is highly-suited for the individual interests and needs of each client, with the financial resources and life skills to graduate and become a productive member of our communities. Below are the seven sections of the program!

College Planning Program


Section 1: College Planning Overview

  • Clients develop an understanding of post-secondary planning and application process, from beginning to end.
  • They receive a customized college planning checklist and action calendar based on the student’s individual needs.
  • Specific recommendations in regards to coursework, extracurricular activities, advanced placement coursework, etc. to increase the number of post-secondary option.

Section 2: Best Fit Planning

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  • Students and parents understand personal strengths and weaknesses related to how the student will succeed in post-secondary education and gain insight to minimize weaknesses and take advantage of strengths.
  • Clients define education and career goals and best-fit post-secondary option(s).
  • Clients receive recommendations for addressing financial needs and a priority list for outside influencing needs to consider during college planning process.

Section 3: Financial Planning

  • Clients receive a comprehensive and manageable financial plan to see them through their entire post-secondary education.
  • Clients gain vital knowledge about post-secondary financial options and obligations, thereby increasing ability to self-advocate and make educated decisions regarding money in their future.
  • Chance of college dropout due to inability to pay are nearly eliminated and debt upon completion is reduced with proper planning.

Section 4: College Application and Selection

  • Clients are exposed to program and school options they would not have otherwise considered.
  • Clients gain admittance into programs/schools that are a “best-fit” match for students’ needs and resources.
  • College dropout chances are reduced and time to complete programs/degrees is decreased because students apply to colleges considered “best-fit.”

Section 5: Transitioning to College

  • Students will understand the difference between high school and college expectations for them in the areas of academics, developing mature relationships, and taking responsibility for their actions/inactions in and outside of the classroom. Students are armed with the information needed to self-advocate in college, appropriately plan their daily schedule to keep up with college demands, and prepare for the coming transition.
  • Guardians will understand how their support and advocacy roles will change as their children become college students and leave with some strategies to utilize in supporting their student while encouraging them to learn to navigate their own path, problem solve, and make their own decisions
  • Students are equipped with knowledge and resources to transition from teen-hood to adulthood, take care of their budget, living arrangements, caring for mental and physical wellbeing, etc.

Section 6: Supplementary Support

  • Ensure that student’s future isn’t stopped before it can begin due to social, mental, physical, or economic barriers.
  • Ensure student’s basic human needs are met and they have the resources and support to pursue higher education.
  • Provide a safety net for clients who might not otherwise have one.

Section 7: Service Project

  • Students develop leadership skills and bolster resumes for college and scholarship applications.
  • The community is educated about the importance of college planning.

Optional: ACT/SAT Preparation

ACT/SAT Preparation on an as-needed basis; may not apply to every student.

  • Students receive the highest scores possible thereby opening doors for additional financial support (scholarships, grants, etc.) and more options for their education (qualify for better schools and more competitive programs).

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