3 Reasons We Love the Indigo Assessment

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We are proud to partner with Indigo Project to bring the most comprehensive non-cognitive assessment tool on the market to our clients as a standard inclusion in our College Planning Program.

The Indigo Assessment combines four sciences to measure the areas of 21st century skills (non-cognitive skills), Motivators, Behavioral Styles, and Acumen. The results are what matter most to us.

3 Reasons We LOVE the Indigo Assessment

1. Students Become More Successful

Parents and students develop clarity about unique educational needs and learning styles so they can advocate for the educational experience that allows them to thrive!

2. Students Find the Right Career Path

I could use the information to figure out what career I should pursue.

3. Students Learn to Love Themselves

The accuracy of the assessment boosts confidence in students and they begin appreciating themselves a little more. It’s a beautiful thing to watch young adults learn to love themselves as they embark on the big journey of life.

Want to hear what students are saying about their assessments? Watch this video:

Hear how Jason Giles’ experience with Indigo transformed his career path:

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