Our College Planning program is the most comprehensive around! To see all the steps, take a peek at the "College Planning" page!

Best-Fit Options

Through comprehensive analysis, students gain deep insight about how to leverage their personal learning style in a collegiate setting. Coupled with assessment of financial capacity and unique lifestyle needs, clients make the best choices for their future.

Financial Planning

Clients create a manageable financial plan to see them through their entire post-secondary education. They gain vital knowledge about options and obligations, and a new confidence to make educated decisions regarding money in their future.


The application process more complex than ever before. Essays, letters of recommendation, interviews, visits, resumes, and supportive documentation. We help students successfully apply to their best-fit programs and guide them through decision-making.

College Transition

Students learn about college expectations in the areas of academics, developing mature relationships, and taking responsibility for their actions. They leave for college armed with the information needed to self-advocate and prepared for the changes ahead.

College Planning Program

Customized planning + proper financing + individual preparation and mentoring = graduation.
1-on-1 college planning, workshops, individual counseling

Our services help students successfully apply for, enroll in, and finance their college education through personalized support to navigate the complex college planning processes. For many students, the guidance is the primary reason they successfully enroll in college. It creates more postsecondary options and a more manageable plan for financing. This is especially helpful for low income students with limited resources to begin with, and for first generation college students who do not have guidance from experienced college graduates in their family. Customized college planning delivered through a collaboration of experts combined with real-life, one-on-one mentoring to navigate the challenges of the first year of college creates the highest probability of graduation.


    percentage of clients accepted into schools

  • Financial Aid or Scholarships

    percentage of clients receiving financial aid or scholarships

  • Sponsorships

    percentage of low-income clients receiving sponsorships for college planning program

  • College Grads

    percentage of clients who've graduated from a higher-education program


We couldn't do it without these awesome champions for education!
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Planner and Executive Director
Founder, Executive Director, and Senior College Planner, Carey holds a BA in Human Development and Family Studies, a Certificate of Fundraising Management and a Master’s Certificate in College Counseling. Carey is the heart of the organization and an inspiration to those of us serving alongside her.
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Lisa Knudson

College Planner
Lisa is a Colorado-based college planner. With a master’s degree in marriage, family and child counseling from U of San Diego, she worked as a group, individual and family counselor and was an adjunct professor with Adams State University. She’s co-founder and co-director of Erie UpLink and actively serves the Erie community.
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Jen Bixby

College Planner & AZ Program Manager
Jen is from the Phoenix area and an AZ college planner. She has BA in Spanish from the UA and a Post Baccalaureate in Elementary Education from the U. of Phoenix. Before becoming a planner, she taught in Osborn School District’s dual language program, then in bilingual and traditional classrooms for 10 years in Colorado and Florida.
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Andy McClure

Director of Development & Events
Andy brings a wealth of experience working with students, planning events, and fundraising. He’s served as staff and volunteer with churches and nonprofits (three in education) across Colorado and Arizona. He’s been an announcer for 30+ years, holds a MA in theology and a BS in telecommunications.
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Barb Bulthuis

Director of Operations
Barb was Assistant Administrator at Rocky Mountain Christian Academy and for the past 7 years has been a Founder and Executive Director at Crossroads School.
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Taylor Whitley

Research Planning Specialist – AZ
Taylor has a BA in Psychology and a BS in Family & Human Development from ASU. She also holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Oregon. Prior to starting with Collegiate Crossings, Taylor worked in educational outreach at ASU, focusing primarily on college access and early university exposure for K-12 students.
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Darcy Palmer

ACT / SAT Tutor
Darcy holds a BS in Computer and Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She’s also a high school math and ACT tutor and a substitute teacher. She helps our clients get their best scores on the standardized testing needed for college.
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Haley McClure

Marketing & Social Media Specialist
Haley has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of Colorado. She’s worked with youth athletes (including special needs kids) as a coach, and also provide guidance to adults in sports, fitness, and nutrition.
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Kristin McDonald

Board President
Kristin joined the Board upon the organization’s founding as the technology and treasury manager. She became Board President in July of 2015 and provides oversight with special emphasis on carefully managing the debt load.
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Lauren Eker

Board Vice President
Lauren Eker is the principal at Erie Elementary School. Previously, Lauren was a classroom teacher for 13 years before she was an Assessment Coordinator for St. Vrain Valley Schools. She brings a wealth of real-world experience in the education system.
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Kimberly Gannett-Mathews

Board Member
Kim has been a High School Counselor for 15 years. Prior to Peak to Peak she taught Spanish at Dawson School for five years. She loves helping students recognize their strengths and fulfill their dreams to attend a college that is a great FIT, that they can AFFORD and where they can FINISH.
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Erin Rodriguez-Kearns

Board Treasurer
Erin served as the Northern Colorado Admissions Representative for Grand Canyon University (GCU), where he received my MS-Addiction & Professional Counseling. He is working on an MBA-Leadership. Previously, Erin was an Academic Advisor on GCU’s main campus in Phoenix.
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John Wilson

Board Member
John Wilson is a Mechanical Engineer at Axon Enterprise. John has been in the product development and engineering field for 30 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge and looks forward to helping expand our reach into technical and trade school education.
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Lisa Ester

Board Member
Lisa has BAs in regular and special ed. from Wittenberg and Bilingual Special Ed. from UC. Over the years she has taught high school special education, middle school English and special education, 5th grade, and was an assistant director of special education.


MISSION: To empower young adults to make a difference in their communities. By providing expert college planning we help students who might fall through the cracks leverage the power of postsecondary education to create opportunities they would not otherwise have.

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